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Enjoy a night out on the town: Las Vegas' best nightlife

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife. For many visitors, the shows, bars and clubs are the city’s main attraction. Vegas’ variety of nightlife means that most people won’t have any problem finding several things to do after dinner. Nightclubs are the most well-known Vegas nightlife – opulent spaces with star DJs, celebrity hosts, bottle service and dancing all night. XS remains the Strip’s most well-known club since it offers all of that and more. If dance clubs aren’t your style, plenty of bars and lounges offer a more sophisticated and generally quieter experience. At the top of the Delano, Skyfall Lounge gives you a jaw-dropping view of the city, food and fabulous cocktails. Music comes later in the evening. In Downtown Las Vegas, the bars and lounges offer a more down-to-earth view in an area that also attracts many local customers. The Downtown Cocktail Room is a perennial favorite, serving hand-crafted cocktails in a comfortable room that feels like it could be in NYC. Las Vegas is also home to a number of great shows, where you can enjoy an amazing performance and a drink or two. Absinthe is one of the Strip’s most daring shows, in more ways than one. It will have you laughing and gasping, possibly at the same time. Scroll down to read more of our suggestions on the best nightlife in Las Vegas.