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Travel Thursday: A Spirit-ed Trip To Las Vegas Was Just What The Boss Ordered

No matter where you are, the bright lights of Las Vegas are always a beacon for fun, relaxation, and friends. The city and its surroundings are there for you to explore, ingest, and enjoy. I’ve been to Las Vegas about eight times and each time was individually rewarding. Every visit embedded a new happy memory. Every trip there has been with a different group of friends or family which also adds to the variety, keeping the sins unique, and times noteworthy. In previous visits, I’ve stayed in a variety of places, the heart of the strip, in old downtown, off the strip, and even in a time-share condo, but this time I wanted to experience the Luxor / Mandalay Bay / Delano part of town. I chose to lodge the Delano as its “All-Suite Sophisticated Comfort” statement on their webpage pulled me in. With its all-suite boutique offering, Delano Las Vegas offers the utmost in modern luxury and personalized service. From the 725-square-foot suites offering spacious, spa-style baths and separate living rooms to the luxury of 4,500-square-foot Penthouse Suites with every modern enhancement, wherever you may stay, presents intriguing possibilities. – Delano Las Vegas I was truly impressed with the suite, large bathroom, half bath off of the living room, and the impressive pyramid view. What I wasn’t impressed with was myself for I forgot to tell a Los Angeles friend that was traveling to LV, a place her and her husband visit more than the grocery store. I told her I was at the Delano and she was quite jealous, yelling, “you’re ballin!” into the phone. Yeah, I had made the right choice. As mentioned, each time I’ve been to Las Vegas, it’s been with different peeps and this time, the trip was a spur of the moment company meeting. Since Instinct has contributing writers from all over the nation, a managing editor (me) living in Fort Lauderdale, and the bosses living in the Los Angeles area, some of us were finally able to meet face-to-face by gathering in Sin City. In order to maximize our time together, we looked at keeping all our activities nestled in the Delano / Mandalay Bay / Luxor area. One of our nights found us taking in the grandeur of the Las Vegas Skyline at the Skyfall Lounge. A simple reservation call solidified the perfect view of the strip and mountains as the day turned to dusk and into night. Once we were up there, we realized every seat was a perfect spot to enjoy the passing of day into night. From the 64th floor, high above the strip, Skyfall Lounge offers 180-degree views of the city along with an evolving nightlife experience that gradually increases in tempo as the night progresses. The contemporary, theater-style space, designed by Jouin Manku, offers multiple levels creating optimal views of the sparkling Las Vegas skyline from every seat in the room, while an expansive outdoor patio offers a relaxing, fresh-air escape. The décor simulates the beauty of an evening sunset with deep purple, red and honey-gold accents and subtle cloud forms hanging overhead.