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Glitz, Glamour, And The Great American Songbook: 6 Ways Las Vegas Is Getting In Touch With Its Golden Past

Las Vegas is in constant flux. It seems Sin City reinvents itself every few years: and, in recent times, always for the better. Vegas has become a foodie destination, a luxury travel destination, even an art lover’s paradise. Now, searching for yet another new way to reinvent itself, Vegas has found inspiration in the glamorous golden age. Of course, there’s a lot in Vegas’s past that should stay in the past. (Smoke-stained carpets being right up there.) But there’s also a lot about the city’s storied history that can be mined and repurposed for the new age. Here are six ways that Vegas is getting in touch with its vintage roots. The Mayfair Supper Club The Mayfair Supper Club is a new spin on the old dinner-and-a-show concept. Positioned over the Bellagio Fountains, the new restaurant matches fine dining classics—think tableside preparations of Dover sole and prime rib—with live entertainment, all set against probably one of the best backdrops in the whole city. Today In: Lifestyle Reports of the food so far have been outstanding, particularly the wagyu hand roll with caviar, and a cheeky dessert known as the Cigar—an edible chocolate cigar that arrives tableside encased in a smoking glass dome.